Important points from the speech of Hajji Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, Deputy PM for Economic Affairs, at the inauguration ceremony of the second phase of the Kajaki Dam

July 27, 2022

During the last 20 years of Jihad, the people of Helmand have made. Unprecedented sacrifices. There is no example of their sacrifices in the whole of Afghanistan, except for two or three provinces. Everyone has done their best. May Allah accept their sacrifices, martyrdoms, hardships, and prisons. We cannot give them any compensation, but Allah Almighty will give them a good reward. Insha'Allah.”

“We have inherited such a poverty-stricken system and an administration, whose officials have not done anything for the nation and the people except for themselves, their families, and their pockets; while the world was supporting them.”

“In a very short time, today, in cooperation with Turkey, we are commissioning a big project for the welfare of the Afghan people, based on which 100 megawatts of electricity will be added. We assure not only the respected Mujahedeen of Helmand province and the general public, but we also assure the entire nation that we will have major positive economic developments in Afghanistan in the near future. Insha'Allah.”

“We are grateful for the help of all the international community, but our country cannot be developed with aid, until we work for our development. We are working gradually for the development and progression of the country. Recently, we have opened other big projects; a good example is the opening of Afghan Invest Company in Kabul, which for the first time has a $250 million investment.”

“Poverty and wealth are both from the side of Allah (SWT), to test the servants with this, whether they can be patient with poverty or not. Allah (SWT) also tests those who have wealth and a good life, whether they help the poor or not. These two situations cannot be the cause of human dignity and humiliation. We must be patient in any situation.”

“Foreigners did not build our country, but destroyed it. Now we are rebuilding it, so let's do it together. We don't forbid anyone's help; we thank them and are grateful to them. But we do not extend the hand of poverty to anyone. Allah Almighty has blessed us with a country full of minerals. With the help of Allah, we will solve all the problems of our countrymen. I call on the officials to solve the problems of the people and show greater interest in public affairs than in their personal ones.”

“I once again call on all the officials to use full coordination while solving people's problems and performing their tasks. Do not give inappropriate or negative answers to anyone, because this nation has made great sacrifices for us; all its wealth and property have been destroyed for us. They have a lot of rights over us.”